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About this Guide

We all have different “whys” for choosing a graduate school. Maybe you want to do research, maybe you want to make the jump into upper level management, or maybe you just have a knack for school and a real desire to learn.

Regardless of what your “why” for considering graduate school is, this guide will help you along your journey to “making a decision” by giving you a rundown of the most important things to consider before first, deciding to go to graduate school and second, deciding where to go to graduate school.  

This guide will help you:
  • Understand the career outlook for your field
  • Find out which jobs are dying out and which jobs are emerging
  • Understand how startup culture has affected your future profession 
  • Find out which careers will require advanced degrees
  • Learn how technology has shaped your present and future industry
  • Provide insight on the pros and cons of full-time/part-time programs




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